Lil Prince is a miniature Paint. He is a lot of therapy horse in a small body. All of the horses at Jeremiah’s Crossing have a job, and LP is no exception. LP has a knack of reaching out to participants who need a horse friend in a smaller body. He has had the opportunity to help a rider through all of the activities of EAA lessons, so she could get comfortable riding a full-sized horse. It was amazing to watch! He is also just the right horse for some of the smallest students at Jeremiah's Crossing.

Lil Prince came to Jeremiah’s Crossing through the generosity of the late Mr. Dennis Stork. Dennis was a true friend of the ranch and he is missed.

Lil Prince's general care is sponsored by DEANN MCDERMOTT & JOSILYN. THANK YOU!

Lil Prince is seeking a veterinary care sponsor.

Lil Prince

~ Sorrel & White Miniature Paint Gelding

~ Born 1997

~ Joined the Jeremiah's Crossing team in 2007 with Jazzy and Journey. 

~ Lil Prince was not on the list of horses Dennis was going to share with Jeremiah's Crossing. His name was Squeak and he had quite an attitude. On the day we went to Fort Atkinson to retrieve the ponies from Dennis, "Squeak" was tacked up to pull a cart. We each had a turn driving the cart and fell in love! We also agreed that such a talented horse deserved a more noble name. So, we called him Lil Prince.