Meet Our Board of Directors

Jeremiah's Crossing is pleased to introduce you to our board of directors who serve faithfully.

  • Elizabeth Hipke, President

  • Tim Kriz, Vice President

  • Sandy Schreier, Treasurer

    "I've just started my second term as a board member for Jeremiah's Crossing.  Being on the board here feels like I am doing my part to take care of God's plan for the ranch, and all of the people and animals that are directly and indirectly involved with what goes on here.  We don't always know what tomorrow will bring, but we know if we work together we can make great things happen."         ~ Sandy Schreier

  • Martha Airth-Kindree, Board Member

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  • Laura Krause, Board Member

  • Dewey Meyer, Board Member

  • Tanisha Schmoeckel, Board Member

  • Paula Weber, Board Member

  • Roger & Kathleen Harris, Executive Directors

    We have never worked so hard, and we have never enjoyed our lives more! We are so blessed to share our days with the BEST students and volunteers! We are grateful and blessed by friends who share their lives with us, horses that softly nicker the morning, the beauty of evening sunsets that go on forever, & the still quiet of living in the middle of nowhere. God is good!

Board Members Emeritus

Jeremiah's Crossing has been blessed by the service of several board members who served faithfully for several terms. They guided the ministry through its infancy and have remained available to our current board. We are grateful for their dedication.

  • Terry Blessing, III Founding Board Member

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  • Mitch & Renae Butler

    Founding Board Members

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  • Greg Casper

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  • Dick Suess

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