Lesson Arena

Jeremiah's Crossing is located on 138.6 acres. Our outdoor arena is located on the south end of our property. We have plans in place to build an indoor arena at the south end as well. The indoor arena will be located close to the outdoor arena, so we will be able to hold lessons outdoors when weather permits.

Friends of Jeremiah’s Crossing helped build a new outdoor arena in 2013 (scroll down to read The Outdoor Arena Story). This space is built into the woods and is as “weather-proof” as an outdoor arena can be. We are thrilled to offer lessons in such a beautiful setting.

In addition to the arena, there are miles of trails cut in the diverse woods allowing students to enjoy trail rides in the fall. Trail rides have become a welcome treat for students who work hard on their riding skills in the arena all summer. They have the chance to try out what they learned in the arena all summer as they guide their horses down the trail.

The Outdoor Arena Story...

When we started our journey giving lessons at Jeremiah's Crossing we didn't have anything that resembled an arena. We actually started by giving lessons to one student at a time in our round pen. We had not idea that one day we would serve five students at a time!

We discovered that we could become certified instructors through PATH International in 2007 and set about doing all of the computer work; learning all of the book lessons. Before we could take our test and earn our credentials, we had to complete an internship at another PATH center. Imagine our surprise when we walked into the arena at Free Spirit Riders and saw FIVE students in the arena all at once! It became clear to us in a hurry that we needed to develop a space for a lesson arena.

We chose paddock space right near the feed barn and tack room that were already in place. Easy access to tack and grain and a space at the end of the stall row for mounting. We were good to go! Except after a while we found out we weren't.

When our lessons weren't being held in the paddock, it was used by our ever-growing herd of horses. They were compacting the soil and when it rained, that soil didn't drain. A good rain could flood the paddock and make it impossible to use for days. Even if the days following the rain were filled with sunshine, we had to cancel because the paddock was filled with mud!