Aladdin is the cutest black and white paint pony, ever! But, don't tell him that! He's much to dignified to be cute! :0) Aladdin almost didn't get to be a Jeremiah's Crossing partner. When he was offered to the ranch the first time, we didn't have room for him. When we got a second chance to have him join the team, we said, "Yes!" without hesitation.

Aladdin really enjoys lessons and especially enjoys it when his students ride on their own for the very first time.

Aladdin was donated to Jeremiah's Crossing by Tammy Millard. THANK YOU!

Aladdin general care and veterinaary care are sponsored by the BELL FAMILY FOUNDATION. THANK YOU!


~ Black & White Paint Pony Gelding

~ Born 1995

~ Joined the Jeremiah's Crossing team in 2013.