Wish List

We often have friends ask us what we need. We hope this list gives you some ideas. We are blessed to have many in our community who donate to cover the cost of items on our list. If you have ideas and don't see them here, please contact the ranch for more information.

  • Hoof Care

    Farrier Care:

    Help us keep their hooves healthy.

    There's an old saying, "Healthy hoof, healthy horse." We take that very seriously. Our farrier has helped us make sure our horses are walking well.

    Sponsor one horse - $40 every 6-8 weeks Click here to sponsor Hoof Care.

  • Hay

    We have been blessed by our amazing hay supplier. He has donated much of the cost of a bale of hay since Jeremiah's Crossing moved to Babcock. We have learned a lot from him and are grateful for his belief in this ministry.

    Sponsor a Day, a Month, or a Year!

    Hay costs us approximately $30 per day. 

    Click here to sponsor Hay.

  • Sponsor a Bag

    We supplement our hay with Nutrena feeds. Each horse has their own carefully monitored feed plan.

    Nutrena Empower Balance - $27.50/40 lb. bag - we use 10 bags per month

    Nutrena Fuel - $24/50 lb. bag - we use 15 bags per month

    Nutrena Senior - $22/50 lb. bag - we use 4 bags per month

    Click here to Sponsor a Bag .

  • EquiPulmin

    A small group of our horses struggle with heaves, an asthma-type health challenge. They can be treated with medication, however, we have found some amazing supplements that have helped in a big way. EquiPulmin is one of them. We use approximately one gallon each month at a cost of $160/gallon. We hope you will agree, a natural supplement that works is so much better than medication. Our horses want to work. You can help us help them.

    Click here to sponsor EquiPulmin.

  • Supplements

    It is rather amazing how many wonderful, natural remedies God has made available to us. All we have to do is look. We have learned a lot about supplementation over the years. Our mentors have been patient with us and have waited for our eyes to be opened. Gut health is a topic often discussed as we work out the feed plan for individual horses. 

    What is the medication doing to their gut? How can we supplement to support them? We use: 

    ~ Chia Seeds (inflammation & lower glucose levels) 

    ~ Spirulina (blood builder, detoxifier, and allergy relief)

    ~ Jiaogulan(combats effects of Cushings meds & bronchodilator)

    Supplements cost $XXX each month.

    Click here to Sponsor Supplements.

  • Gift Cards

    We do a lot of shopping! You could purchase gift cards through our SCRIP program and donate them to the ranch to help us purchase supplies for horses, cats, grounds, maintenance, and fundraising events. You would actually be donating twice. 

    Here are some suggestions:

    Fleet Farm                         Cenex                                 Hardware Hank

    Tractor Supply                 The Store                          NAPA

    Menards                              Kwik Trip                         Walmart

    If you would like more information, please contact the ranch at 715.884.2551