It All Started With A Family

Roger and Kathleen married in July 1995. They created a blended family that included five children ranging in age from 20 to 8 – Keith, Paul, Terry, Katie, and Josh. Family members were blessed with musical talent that encouraged and strengthened their ties as a family.

It didn’t take long for Roger and Kathleen’s love of children to become further evident as the couple adopted their son Walter, from China, in 2001. Then Eli, also from China, joined the family in 2004. With their ever-expanding brood, one often found the couple at concerts, ballgames, and track meets supporting the activities of their children.

Roger and Kathleen are pleased that Jeremiah’s Crossing is truly a family mission. Many family members have contributed their time and talents to the success of the ranch. They have shared their expertise in various fields and have encouraged their parents to continue to follow their dream.

Realizing A Dream

Roger always wanted to have horses of his own, and from a very early age, Kathleen was determined to be a farmer. So it really shouldn’t have been a surprise that after a 2002 visit to The Diamond L, a guest ranch in Wyoming, the couple began to brainstorm ways to make those dreams a reality. It was on the way home that the phrase `Harris’s home for kids with potential` was first spoken. Since the pair has quite a bit of parenting experience, (remember their blended family?) Roger and Kathleen thought perhaps they would be lead to expand their family. However, at the 2002 New Wilmington Missionary Conference, God made His plan for them very clear. It was after that conference that the Harris/Blessing family began their slow, steady progress toward opening the ranch. They began planning for Jeremiah’s Crossing, knowing it would be a ranch where horses could help kids.

Taking a leap of faith

Roger and Kathleen sought a location for Jeremiah’s Crossing, the ranch they knew God was leading them to build. Their faith journey has been nothing short of amazing. While Kathleen insisted that they would be moving closer to the Mississippi River, God was patiently waiting to show them the 138 acres in central Wisconsin that would eventually become home for the ranch and their family.

Backyard Mission Ministry

In February 2006, the Harris’ purchased the property on which Jeremiah’s Crossing is being built and have committed their time, energy, and resources to the success of the ranch.

Kathleen and Roger are now in full-time ministry at Jeremiah’s Crossing. They spend each day on the journey, the dream, they believe God planted in them all those years ago.

Each day, Jeremiah’s Crossing grows and changes to become better at being the place where horses help kids (of all ages) become the best that they can be.