Scavenger Hunts!

Coming soon! Amazing scavenger hunts designed to help you get to know Jeremiah's Crossing and love on the ministry!

Scavenger Hunts!!!

We are creating a fun way for you, all of our awesome supporters, to join us with some interactive fun. Let's go on a scavenger hunt together! 

We want to invite you along to learn more about Jeremiahs Crossing and while doing it participate in some fun activities too! The cost of the hunt will be a donation of $10 per email that registers. You can choose to do the scavenger hunt on your own, with your family, or a team of friends. 

Once you register you will receive from us a story in your inbox that will go along with your scavenger hunt. Each story will be something new to learn. You must be sharp and keep your eyes open for the clues! 

You can choose a day within the dates we give to do your hunt and you wil receive it that day and have until midnight that evening to complete it. It will come to you in your email in a google form. There are points for each item, and the person/team with the most points will win a prize from us! In the event of a tie breaker we will do a fun challenge!

  • Scavenger Hunt #1 - Meet the Board

    Our first challenge will be Meet the Board! We want to share with you some fun facts about the people behind the scenes that help keep us moving forward! 

    Click the link to register for this Scavenger Hunt. 

    You will receive a link to the questions. All answers must be submitted by: