Forever In Our Hearts

In Memorium

Faithful Partners we've lost along our journey...

We have lost five faithful program partners. Tank left us in July 2014, Star in September 2015, Jewel in September 2016 and Boomer and Lace on the same weekend in August 2019. No matter how long it has been, the thought of them, and what they meant to all of us here at Jeremiah's Crossing, brings a tear to our eye, a lump in our throat, and a hole in our heart.

Please take a moment to read our tributes to our friends.

  • TANK

    He was a gentle giant with a huge heart. He enjoyed his work and we loved having him at Jeremiah's Crossing. He is missed by his best friend, Lace.

    CLICK HERE to read Tank's Tribute.

  • STAR

    He was a therapy horse when folks said he was too young. He took care of his students and loved them until his last day with us. He is truly missed.

    CLICK HERE to read Star's Tribute.


    She was named JC's Exotic Jewel and was donated to the ranch by Kelly Anderson. Amazing that eight years before Jeremiah's Crossing (JC) was founded, this amazing horse was named "JC's." We miss her.

    Jewel's Tribute coming soon.


    Boomer was a Norwegian Fjord horse. He had a special instinct for knowing just what his rider needed. The ranch staff appreciated Boomer’s willing personality. He was regularly compared to that famous character Eeyore - very easy going, although he did display some spunk on occassion, cantering around with the rest of the herd.

    Boomer's Tribute coming soon.

  • LACE

    Lace joined the Jeremiah's Crossing team in 2009. She was purchased from Kelly and Larry Anderson with her best friend, Tank. The staff hoped their calm demeanor would help the very young herd settle in and gain confidence. They certainly did their job!

    Lace's Tribute coming soon.