We lost our beloved Jack on December 9, 2021. He went to sleep and crossed the rainbow bridge. Words cannot express the profound loss we all feel since his death. He truly was the "hardest working pony at Jeremiah's Crossing." He touched the lives of countless students and volunteers. He will remain in our hearts forever.

Jack is a black Welsh Cobb pony. Jack loves being around children. He is a small horse with a big heart. Jack is one of the most popular EAA team members at the ranch. He knows his stuff!

Jack is happiest when he’s working. He never wants to be left out of a lesson day, even on his day off. It’s so enjoyable to watch the look of accomplishment on the faces of his students. They are successful because Jack is so willing.

He’s one of the hardest working partners at Jeremiah’s Crossing!


~ Black Welsh Cobb Pony Gelding

~ Born 1994

~ Joined the Jeremiah's Crossing team in 2006.