We are excited to report that Rocky has found a forever home with Kathy and Bob Diedrick at DBR Ranch. We are thrilled for him to have an opportunity to grow and mature to be the horse we always knew he could be.

Rocky, a Palomino Quarter Horse, is so laid back, sometimes we wonder if he is ever rattled. He is curious and friendly, and enjoys being with all of the folks on the ranch. Rocky is best friends with Chief. They came from Wyoming together!

Rocky was donated to Jeremiah’s Crossing by Mitch and Renae Butler. Thank you!

Rocky aka "Rocky Ridge"

~ Palomino Quarter Horse Gelding

~ Born 2001

~ Joined the Jeremiah's Crossing team in 2006.

~ Fun Fact - Rocky's first trainers were Dave Plekan and Terry Blessing (Roger and Kathleen's son). Terry was horse training apprentice with Dave in Wyoming and Rocky was Terry's project horse for the summer. They trained in the shadows of The Devil's Tower.