The Future

Jeremiah's Crossing Legacy Complex

(Indoor Arena/Office & Classrooms/Barn) 

The vision of the Founders and Board of Directors is for Jeremiah's Crossing to become "The Place to Be in central Wisconsin," for people with special needs, and their families. God has given us a vision; His plan for the use of the 138.6 acres that Jeremiah's Crossing calls home. 

The indoor arena will allow staff to schedule lessons in spring, summer, and fall. They will not have to be concerned about rain causing lessons to be canceled. Students will have a more consistent lesson schedule and will be able to maintain skills and progress to new levels. The indoor arena also affords staff the opportunity to plan equine events without concern for weather. Training clinics, riding events, and opportunities to invite our neighbors to see what we're all about are all in our plans.

The office/classroom complex will allow staff to plan activities for students and their families. Clubs and groups geared toward serving our students could meet right here at the ranch. Imagine the opportunities for them to grow in an environment that is familiar to them. The space would also be available for respite activities for family members for example: Craft/quilt lessons, game day, family movie time. All those activities that are difficult to enjoy out in the world, could be held at Jeremiah's Crossing. 

The barn will be a welcome addition to the Jeremiah's Crossing complex. While our herd manager believes horses are better off in the fresh air, there are days when it would be nice to snuggle them into the barn, feed out of the wind, and have a warmer location for the veterinarian and farrier to work when they are called out. The barn has been designed in the round so instructors can have clear sight-lines into each stall so they can supervise students and volunteers during grooming and tack up. The grill-front stalls will also allow for excellent air flow through the barn.

The indoor arena/office & classroom/barn complex has been carefully planned to meet the needs of students, families & caregivers, volunteers, staff, and horses. Just imagine all the possibilities! We have been waiting on God since 2006. He has been so faithful, encouraging us along the way, showing us how to use the resources provided to make the program work. We know He is in this 100%. Keep praying. It will be a magnificent day, when we see the Legacy Complex become a reality!

The Jeremiah's Crossing Legacy Complex...A place for:

  • Lessons in an indoor 100'x180' cloth covered arena.
  • Ranch offices.
  • A safe, familiar space for classes, respite activities, and group meetings.
  • A barn for our amazing program horses.
  • Learning, growing, sharing.

(Click on the left picture for a special fly-through of our proposed complex.)

The Bunkhouse

The bunkhouse project has been part of the fabric of Jeremiah's Crossing since 2010 when members of First Presbyterian Church Oostburg asked if there was something they could build for us.

After some thought, we decided on a bunkhouse to help house work campers. We envisioned a two room building, each room with a private bathroom, and would be stick built construction.

We were discussing our good fortune with the mother of several of our students. She mentioned that her family used to travel and camp quite a bit before they adopted their children who had special needs. Since then, camping and overnight stays had become nearly impossible. God laid it on our hearts to consider creating a bunkhouse that not only served our work campers, but also served our families.

You see, many of our students have difficulty processing new places and new sensory stimulation. By allowing them to come to Jeremiah's Crossing, they could enjoy the experience of packing a bag and going away for the weekend. The ranch would be familiar and new at the same time. A new place to stay, but a safe place to learn and grown.

We decided on a plan that included three bedrooms, three full baths (one accessible), a living room/dining room space and a galley kitchen. The bedrooms would bunk 6 each and the third bedroom would include a queen bed and connected bathroom.

The bunkhouse became a log construction when a load of precut logs became available at a very good price. The building will cool itself in the summer and will retain heat in the winter making it quite comfortable and energy efficient. A log bunkhouse, isn't that what you would expect at a riding ranch?

When work campers were in residence, they would have room to sleep 14 and have space to get in out of the weather. Families could rent the bunkhouse for a nominal cleaning fee. 

We have been helped by First Presbyterian Church Oostburg, members of English Settlement Church, two anonymous donors, an anonymous work crew, members of several work camps and many angels who have made donations to our project including Team Schierl Companies. This dream would not be possible without all of the people who have supported our effort.