Opportunities to Support Jeremiah's Crossing

Jeremiah's Crossing has set up several opportunities for you to help. In some cases, you can donate to Jeremiah's Crossing just by doing what you always do. Check out our AmazonSmile, Thrivent, and SCRIP programs.

  • Thrivent Financial

    Jeremiah's Crossing has had the privilege of working with Thrivent Action Teams. We are happy to discuss our need and possible team opportunities.


    Think about an unmet need at Jeremiah's Crossing and how you could help. Apply to lead your volunteer team in a one-time fundraiser, service activity or educational event that can be completed within 90 days. Once your project is approved, you'll receive a Thrivent Action Kit, including:

    • Promotional banner.
    • Invitations and thank-you cards.
    • Thrivent Action Team T-shirts.
    • A $250 Community Impact Card you can use as seed money to get your project off the ground and make a bigger impact.

    How often am I eligible?

    All Thrivent members are eligible to lead a Thrivent Action Team. However, the number of teams each member can lead per year depends on his or her membership type. Benefit members are eligible to lead two Thrivent Action Teams per calendar year, and associate members are eligible to lead one per calendar year.

  • Shop With SCRIP

    What is SCRIP?

    Gift Cards

    Shop with gift cards in everyday categories including groceries, gas, restaurants, and more.

    Earnings that add up

    A percentage of each gift card purchased goes directly to Jeremiah's Crossing.

    Fundraising Made Easy

    Raise the money Jeremiah's Crossing needs without selling or soliciting.

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