Is Jeremiah’s Crossing affiliated with any religious organization?

Jeremiah’s Crossing is not affiliated with any religious organization. However, the founders believe in God and the saving grace of His Son, Jesus Christ. It is their greatest honor to serve children and families of all backgrounds and to show God’s love to all who find strength and respite at the ranch.

Are there any fees for a student to take lessons at Jeremiah’s Crossing?

There are no fees for a students to take lessons at Jeremiah’s Crossing. They are provided to all students at no charge.

Who may take horseback-riding lessons at Jeremiah’s Crossing?

Jeremiah’s Crossing serves individuals age 4 and older who have a diagnosed physical, cognitive, emotional, or academic challenge. We strive to schedule classes so that the needs of individuals are being met in a manner that allows students to advance to their full potential.

How can a student register for lessons?

Click here to request a student application packet. After your information is received by the instructor, you will be contacted to schedule a meeting with the instructor. The meeting will allow the instructor an opportunity to meet the student, answer any question, and gain valuable insight that will assist in pairing the student and the program horse.

During lessons, parents and caregivers stay onsite. It's important for the student to know you're watching the amazing progress that being made in the paddock. Some parents do take some time to read a book, catch up on a phone call, or just enjoy some down time. We want Jeremiah's Crossing to be a place of renewal for students, parents, and caregivers.

May I sponsor a  lesson for a student?

Yes! We have lesson sponsorship opportunities available. It costs $65 to provide a lesson for one student. Your sponsorship helps us to cover the costs related to providing lessons. Click here to Sponsor a Lesson.

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May I come to the ranch to help?

We would love to have you come to the ranch to help. We have many volunteer opportunities including:

  • Lesson volunteer – Help during the lesson as a side walker, horse leader, instructor’s assistant, and in other ways as well. Click Volunteers for more information
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Fundraising/Event Planning – If you love to plan events we have a place for you!
  • ~ April - The Mane Quilt Show!

  • ~ August ~ Family Fun Festival Weekend! (Festival and car show on Saturday at Dexter Park and Open House & Festival on Sunday at Jeremiah’s Crossing). 

  • ~ December ~ Mane Event Barn Dance. 

  • Many hands are needed to make these major fundraising events successful! Click Volunteers for more information.

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  • Prayer team – We have an established prayer team and you are welcome to contact us to become a part of it. Prayer is what sustains all of us at the ranch. Click Prayer Warriors to find our prayer requests and devotionals. 

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  • Hay Team – Help unload hay to keep our program horses healthy and happy. This work takes place throughout the summer months June - August.

  • Builder – There are always building projects going on at Jeremiah’s Crossing from the smallest props for lessons, to a bunkhouse to welcome work camps and family outings, to the barn/indoor riding arena. Come be a part of the team!

  • Grounds Crew – Help keep the ranch looking good. Raking, mowing, gardening, painting, and building are all necessary to help make Jeremiah’s Crossing a comfortable place for our students and their families. Click Volunteers for information.

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Work Camps for adults and youth - We enjoy working with youth groups and adult mission groups. See the Work Camp page for more information. Click Work Camps for information.

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  • Do you have ideas? There are a variety of projects that need to be completed. We know there's a place for you at Jeremiah's Crossing and pray that you will be blessed by being part of our family.  Please contact the ranch to learn more about volunteer opportunities.
  • May I sponsor a horse?

    Yes! You are very welcome to sponsor one of our horses.

    Ideally, each horse would have two sponsors. One sponsorship to cover feed; the other to cover routine farrier and veterinary care.

    It costs approximately $1200 to feed one of our horses for one year including: hay, grain, and supplements. 

    It also costs approximately $1200 to cover farrier and veterinary care for one horse each year including hoof care every 6-8 weeks, the annual check up, and deworming.

    You may sponsor a horse for an entire year, or part of a year. We can customize a sponsorship to meet your ideal donation. You choose your favorite horse from our list! 

    If you'd care to sponsor a particular part of horse care such as dental, supplement, or veterinary care, please contact the ranch for more information. 

    Click here to sponsor a horse. 

    Click here to request more information.

    May I Visit?

    You are very welcome to visit the ranch. 

    Please contact the ranch manager at 715-884-2551 for an appointment. Please leave a message since we are often away from the office phone.