Lesson Volunteer ~ Side Walker

Side Walkers help students stay on their horse. They help students learn basic horseback riding skills while they help them do their tasks and play some games. 

The cool part is you will learn some horseback riding skills, too. You will learn to groom and tack a horse, and you will learn how to get along with horses. When you're ready, you may begin learning to lead a horse, too! Side Walkers should be at least 14 years old. 

Lesson Volunteer ~ 

Horse Leader

Horse leaders have the responsibility of helping our program horses do their job. They learn the Jeremiah's Crossing way of leading and communicating with the horses so the horses can concentrate on their students. Horses are quite intuitive. They learn about their students by feeling the way the students sit in the saddle or they way they communicate with them. Horse leaders are ready to guide the horse through whatever is asked of them. 

Horse leaders also groom and tack horses and they help others learn as well. Horse leaders must be at least 15 years old.